Sunday, January 31, 2010


Is there such a thing as a "little" revelation? The revelations I'm thinking of are spiritual in nature and pertain to teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I had one of those this morning at Church today, which is why I'm wondering about this.

The subject was on Cain and Abel, and the difference in each one's sacrifice to the Lord.

While Abel's sacrifice was the animal sacrifice (the killing of the firstling of the flock) according to how the Lord had commanded it, Cain's was of fruits and vegetables. This was a sacrifice to atone for their sins, so why was Cain's rejected?

The revelation came to me. In the pre-mortal existence, there were two plans: one from Lucifer, one from Jesus. While Jesus' plan involved choice, accountability and required an atonement, Lucifer's plan would remove choice and bring everyone back. There would be no atonement. We know how this ends, Jesus' plan was accepted, Lucifer's plan was rejected and Lucifer got mad and rebelled. He was cast out of Heaven.

So Cain? His sacrifice was told to him by Satan (Lucifer), even though he had been taught the commandments regarding how the atonement sacrifice was to be done in order to be acceptable. By using Satan's sacrifice, it was mocking the Lord and his eventual role of Savior. What happened? Cain got mad, rebelled (killing Abel) and got kicked out from the presence of Adam and Eve.

It's interesting to see how history repeats itself, isn't it?

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