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Manilow TV: Episode 2

If you missed Episode one, click here.

The video on this was a little fuzzy, but the sound was fantastic. Barry, as usual, had a performance that was just superb. Some of the songs he performed on this I've never seen him perform before, so this was such a treat. Thank you, Barry.

Episode #2
November 1st 2009
PNC Bank Arts Center
Holmdel, New Jersey
Sunday August 4th, 2002
3pm Matinee after the Friday night flood

Here’s the second episode of Manilow TV.
This is the special Sunday Matinee we performed because of the legendary flood that happened on Friday evening, August 2nd.

The Friday show was supposed to be our first of three final concerts of the Manilow Live 2002 tour we had been on for 9 months. We were all feeling sad, but tired and ready to go home.

The day was beautiful.
Not a cloud in the sky.
No prediction of rain.
We were sold out with an excited audience.
The brilliant Curtis Stigers was our opening performer for that tour.
Curtis had finished his set.
I was walking from my dressing room to my entrance.
The band had taken their positions on the stage.

About ten seconds before I gave the cue to begin the opening music, Steve Ernaut, my stage manager, said to me, “Hold on Chief, it’s beginning to drizzle out there. Let’s wait a few minutes to see if the rain passes."
So we all stood there waiting to see what the weather would do.

Remember: Over 5,000 people all seated inside the pavilion and thousands more out on the lawn.
The band in the dark at their positions.
Me standing in the dark in the wings.

We all could hear the rain begin on the roof of the Pavilion very quietly.
Then we heard it get louder and louder.
Then it sounded like Elephants running on the Pavilion roof.
And then we heard the screams of the audience.
The storm hit without any warning and poured down on the thousands of people on the lawn.
They were soaked within seconds.
They started to run for cover under the pavilion roof.

Then the flood began.
There’s a huge, round hole in the ceiling of the PNC Pavilion.
Very pretty.
The water began to pour through this hole like a waterfall, soaking the people in the pavilion.

The water began to rush down the aisles, filled with garbage from everyone’s lunch and dinner.
Filled with mud from the lawn.
The water rose up to the audience’s waists.
That’s when we heard the screaming.
I peeked out of the wings and saw pandemonium.
People trying to get out of the way of the water.
Running to the side aisles, grabbing their kids, trying to scramble on to the stage.

The Fire and Police Departments arrived within minutes and tried to control the crowd.
It was awful. Just awful.
No one will ever forget it.

Doing a show was out of the question.
Even though some brave souls stayed,
hoping that the Fire Department would allow the show to go on, (they wouldn’t), we couldn’t anyway because all the sound system was soaked.
Thankfully, no one was hurt.
Just soaking wet and terrified.

Barry on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Hopefully it wasn't too muddy outside yet after the rainstorm that hit a few nights before. Barry's probably used to the bright spotlights, but was taking a little time adjusting to the sunlight.

You have to read his account of what happened before watching this show, as you understand why he performed as he did for this concert. You'll enjoy it all the more.

Why are you in my hotel room at this hour of the morning?

I Can't Smile Without You... in a sea of signs.

Brittany and Jimmy...

and Mom Andrea.

New York City Rhythm

Curtis Stigers

Here at the Mayflower... yes, that's right, he sang some songs from the Mayflower cd. And striking his sex god pose for the ladies. ;o)

The Best of Me... I've never seen this song performed, so I have to give Barry a big thank you. I'm sure the audience appreciated the sentiment he gave them for coming on a Sunday afternoon after having been drenched a few nights before. Hopefully it's also a message to those subscribing to watch this as well. :o)

At the Copa, Copacabana... the hottest spot north of Havana...

Let Freedom Ring... I think this song has taken on new meaning since Sept. 11, 2001. This was just shy of the one year anniversary and I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. I know I was on the verge of tears just watching it.

These pictures are from the end of the show (It's A Miracle) and had to include them for the smile factor.

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