Wednesday, March 25, 2009


How grateful I am for the technology of medicine, both for basic medical needs as well as dental. The last few weeks have marked some changes that are going on and will continue in my life. But why should I be surprised at this, if nothing else, the only constant thing in my life is change.

You're reading the blog of a woman who has seen a lot of change in her life, and I guess the Lord isn't through with me yet.

I'm finally seeing a dentist, mine retired 6 years ago. A lot of work is going to need to be done, but I'm slowly getting there.

I've gotten my new glasses and my eyes are enjoying days where they are not hurting and breaking vessels because of the time I spend at the computer. I can also read again, without the words getting blurry.

Now I'm due for the biggest change since Decker died: I just found out from my doctor I have the Adult Onset of Diabetes. This isn't the full blown diabetes, but it's the early signs of it. It also explains why I'm tired so much, my liver is trying to pump more sugar into my blood even though it already has sugar in it. I end up with crazy sugar rushes that leave my brain fuzzy and make me tired when I come down from them. Hopefully the pills the doctor has put me on will help with these symptoms.

This change is a little scary for me, as I don't know where this will lead to, hopefully to better health, but I don't know.

My diet will change, but then again, my diet changed when I married Decker and again when Decker died, I guess I just won't be eating the oreo cookies anymore. :o)


Missy said...

Good luck with your dental appointment. It's one of those necessary evils. But keeping your teeth makes it all worth it:)

Dawn Bushman said...

Thanks! Yeah, I had to have an emergency root canal last week (it took two trips on that one). It wasn't as bad as the horror stories I had grown up with, but the technology used in those has advanced to where it doesn't have the pain it used to. Boy was I grateful!