Monday, March 2, 2009

Dental Emergency Kit

I wasn't at the Emergency Preparedness Fair, so I don't know if this was covered, but this is something I bought a few years ago and I'm thankful I got it.

One of my crowns came out at school today. I used gum (which I usually only use when I'm worried about bad breath :o) ) I had in my purse to adhere the crown back in my mouth. I called my new dentist (mine retired), and the earliest they can get me in is next Monday.

While eating dinner tonight, though, it came out again, and it was apparent that gum was no longer going to work with this. I got the emergency kit out, read the instructions, and I now have my crown happily back where it belongs. Who knows, maybe the dentist will be impressed when I see him on Monday. :o)

Here's the link for the kit I bought:

Dental Medic First Aid Kit


Steve and Steph said...

wow-i have never heard of a dental emergency kit before but it sounds like a GREAT idea! Thanks for the info!

Dawn Bushman said...

You're very welcome! It sure came in handy for me. :o)