Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cassandra, The Prophetess

I'm normally not prone to saying "I told you so", but in between my asthmatic coughs (yes, I'm sick), I'll try to get through this.

Do you remember this post?

Here is another one, regarding the lobbyists who work as "bundlers" for our elected officials.

Then there is this one, which talks more specifically about the greed in corporations, namely at the top, and why the checks and balances you would expect between shareholders and the corporate executives isn't working.

Then there is this one, which gives an idea of how to fix the minimum wage to provide real solutions to fixing the corporate greed, as well as giving employees world wide the living wages they should be earning.

This one, giving the link for the Ross Perot site, gives a vivid example of why the economic plans for both major candidates for President will not pan out.

The reason I give these to you is because a revolution of a new sort is happening here in America, and the press is actually acting like they are in shock over it. I say it's about time. People have had enough of the bailouts of companies while the executives leave with nice, cushy financial arrangements. They might have to cut back on the caviar just a little bit, but they will still be throwing parties in the Hamptons, while the rest of America suffers.

Please read this story from Fortune Magazine on how Main Street is turning against Wall Street.

I would love to say the worst part is over, but, as history teaches us, the Declaration of Independence was only the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

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