Saturday, July 12, 2008

What People Will Do To Win A Public Office

Grand Jury indictments came on Thursday in Pennsylvania from the state's Attorney General's office. Those being charged with crimes are from the Democratic House caucus. It didn't stay local for long, though, as the alleged crimes spread out into other counties and also led to the removal of the signatures and forms for Presidential candidate Ralph Nader in 2004. All of this using taxpayer funds to go after anyone these people didn't want in the race, or to help elect others into public office, all the while using tax payer funds, state employees while on the clock and bonuses for state employees who produced the most during an election season.

The first I heard about it was from Ralph Nader's web site, click here.

It references a web site page giving some details of the grand jury findings:

If you would like a verbal explanation of what happened and what led to these findings, be sure to watch the video. For a full list of what 2 grand juries have found, check out the links for the findings.

This was going on nationwide in 2004 as the Republican and Democratic parties were both afraid Ralph Nader would cost the Democrats the election as they have erroneous claimed 4 years before. This time they were using every trick in the book, and then some, to make sure Ralph Nader was not on the ballot. Many of the court battles ensuing during the election and judged after the election was over found that Ralph was within his rights to campaign and collect signatures for these states, however by the time the judgements came down, the election was over and Ralph had already been removed from the ballots.

For all of their efforts in 2004, not just in Pennsylvania, but also in other states conducting similar fights against Ralph Nader, their candidate, John Kerry, still lost. The candidate who should have landslided one of the least popular presidents in U.S. history, and the Democrats still lost.

This is just one of many reasons why our founding fathers (including George Washington) did not want a party system in getting candidates, because it creates a system where people vote for the party and not for the candidate. The U.S. citizens will lose the most in the election.

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