Friday, July 18, 2008

Movie Trailers

Hi There,

This post is for the movie buff out there (like me). I know some of you like watching the movie trailers. In some cases, the trailer is about the only part of the movie that's fit to see. ;o)

Did you know you can download some of these trailers? For Free? If you have iTunes, Apple has some of these trailers available for you to download and keep to your heart's content. Click here to see a list of trailers available for download. If you use a Windows machine, you'll want to open iTunes. Then look at the titles on the link I've given you. When you find a title you like, click on the link for that title and click on the link for the iPod. This will push the trailer to your iTunes. From there, you can watch it on iTunes on your computer, or synch it to your iPod (if you have video on your iPod).

I've already downloaded a few for the new Batman movie, the new 007 movie, as well as for Twilight, for those fans of the novels. I even found the trailer for An Unreasonable Man in the Documentary section.

Here's the catch: since I know many of you have your own taste in movies, could you please spread the word to those who might be interested?

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Laurie said...

Awh, yes... I do love me some movie trailers. I can sit FOR HOURS at a time, just clicking through the trailers. Good times! :)