Friday, January 6, 2012

Cemetery Traditions

It's late, I'm still coughing from the bronchitis I'm trying to get rid of, so I thought I'd post something that happened over Winter Break.

In the month of December, four people I either knew very well or was at least somewhat acquainted with passed away.   Between that, doctor's visits and running errands to prepare for the holidays, Mom and I got a little behind in the one tradition we now have at Christmastime:  visiting the cemetery and changing the flowers.

I know, it probably sounds like kind of weird to have a tradition of visiting a cemetery at Christmas, but when the majority of your family is deceased, and Christmas is a time for family, then a trip to the cemetery is one of the things you do.

This time we were a little late and went after Christmas but before New Years Eve.  The flowers looked beautiful and afterwards Mom and I went to the small Lion House Bakery inside the Chandler Deseret Bookstore for some fantastic chicken salad with a roll.

I will also add, however, after leaving one of the funerals at the beginning of my break, I went straight to the Temple.  Keeping my thoughts focused on the teachings and feelings there helped me get through a very difficult day.  Being dressed in all white and surrounded by others dressed in white reminded me of the Priesthood Blessing I had received a few days prior to the funeral reminding me to keep an eternal perspective on things as they unfold.

The Temple was such a "saving grace" for me when Decker passed away, and it continues to be a source of peace and strength for me today.

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