Monday, December 5, 2011

Wedding Rings

Lately things have been very tumultuous in my life. My finances have hit rock bottom, which has brought renewed bouts of depression and anxiety. Getting sick over Thanksgiving wasn't the greatest either.

The straw breaking the camel's back for me was the passing this past weekend of my "grandmother". This was a sweet woman I've gotten to know over more than 30 years. These last several years I've been her Visiting Teacher and I loved visiting her. She never judged me, she just loved me. No matter what.

In tears of joy for her reunion with her eternal companion as well as tears of sadness that she won't be around to talk to anymore, I felt I needed some extra help. I put my wedding rings back on, and along with praying for the peace from the Holy Ghost, I've also been praying for some peace from my eternal companion.

This is what having an eternal marriage is, and what the world does not understand. Sacred unions honored by God continue after death. I can't see Decker, but I can feel him.

Last night, with the rings on, I slept better than I have in months.

Today, with the rings on, I've had more peace in my heart than I've had in months.

Some of the financial mess I've been in is starting to miraculously work out.

The rings will be staying on for a while. (Smile)


Rob and Kimmie said...

You are wonderful! Thank you for sharing! Lots of love to you Dawn!

srueger77 said...

You are truly inspired, inspiring and inspirational! I love you and your Spirit!