Friday, June 17, 2011


Attention all Harry Potter fans: Have you heard about the Pottermore site?

It started with this article from Digital Spy, talking about a puzzle that was appearing on fan web sites. They were using latitude and longitude coordinates to spell out

Now they've added more to the site than the title and signature:

From CNN

That's right, you guys, the owls have started arriving. What you get next, though, is really blowing my mind:

Click on the owls on the Pottermore web site and you'll see what I mean. Go on, click on the link!

The YouTube page is absolute genius. I want to know how they did this! First of all, you have owls that have taken over the page. But that's not all.

Look at the video for the page on YouTube. Is it a static video? NO!!!! It is a live stream giving the countdown clock!

Not only is this exciting for those of us who LOVE the books, but for anyone in marketing - particularly using technology to attract and excite your customer - this is definitely a huge success. It's getting all kinds of buzz, not only within the Harry Potter fan sites, but in the news outlets as well, who are reporting on this.

Curious, very curious indeed!

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Dawn Bushman said...

A little post script: On Saturday I figured out how they did the YouTube page. Very clever!