Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phoenix Sky Train

If you travel a lot through Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, you probably already know about this, I just found out about it watching the video on Horizon:

Web site:

Video from the web site:


Shellee said...

I've been so excited about the Sky Train for so long! I'm glad you posted this. I've been wondering if there was information out there that I'v missed. Seriously, I'm hoping they hurry and finish this. I love the Lightrail and I'm going to love this too!

Dawn Bushman said...

I hadn't heard anything about it, but it sounds sooo neat, particularly if you can get a ride to the light rail and take it to the airport. How cool would that be? This is something out of Walt Disney's original design for Epcot. He wanted to include a small airport that would use monorails to take people to their hotels or to the car rental shops.