Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yesterday I caught two girls at the school cheating on a test I was administering. The sad part of this was, the test they were cheating on isn't a test that is used to determine what grades they get in school, but is rather a tool for teachers to see what they are learning and what they need help with. So why would they cheat on a test that doesn't grade them? So they can get into the right "group" together. It all boils down to "cliques".

I thought about this last night and wondered at how people cheat, or try to cheat, in life?

Is being in the right "clique" that important to you?

Who do you think is really losing when you cheat?

I'm asking myself the same questions, so when I say "you", I'm also meaning myself on this.

Here's another question: Are some of the trials in our lives simply a measuring tool by God to see how well we are progressing in life? Are we becoming the kind of person He knows we can be?

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