Monday, June 15, 2009

The Book I Just Finished...

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Have you ever read this book? If you are a parent of school age children or a teacher, you should.

This covers the story of success from two different points of view. The first covers those who succeeded where they shouldn't have, and how the smartest man in the U.S. would be considered unsuccessful given what he could have done with all of the knowledge he has acquired. The second point of view covers how people can become successful, even after failure, and what it takes to make success happen.

While discussing this he also explains how your birthdate affects your success in various different fields, including whether or not your child stands much of a chance at success in school.

It also talks about some of the logic people have used to explain why some cultures (in this case the Chinese) are better at math than we see in the U.S.

Gladwell also looks into the U.S. educational system to talk about some of the issues that are not being discussed when talking about "reform" in public education.

This is an excellent book to read, I highly recommend it.

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