Saturday, January 31, 2009

My 15 Minutes of Unseen Fame

As I'm sure is typical of broadcast news, a video I posted for a segment on CNN's Campbell Brown never got aired.

I know I'm not the greatest looking person, slow of speech and mind-numbingly boring, but a producer liked what they heard on a video I posted about education. Mine was called Education Woes and can also be found on my YouTube account.

If you go to the iReport page, you will still see the "On CNN" label posted to the front.

I was disappointed that it wasn't shown, nor was the other video posted shown for the interview. I did, however, "meet" via email a nice producer for the show. I'll have to email her on Monday and ask if they could post the entire interview on Campbell Brown's CNN site. It would be nice for any educator who is interested to be able to view his responses to our questions.


WarriorFlower said...

That's more unfame than I get!! Can't see the video at the library, but I'm gonna figure out how to watch it. Hello!

Dawn Bushman said...

Yeah, I contacted the producer, she was very nice and responded back to me to let me know Secretary Duncan did not get to see the videos at all because of a time crunch.

Would you like me to email you the mp4 of the video? I don't know if that will help if you are using the computers at the library.