Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Web Sites Posted

I've posted a few new web sites to provide some information in a variety of areas.

AzStRUT is the Arizona Students Recycling Used Technology site. This is the group Data Doctors uses to handle recycling of used computers and peripherals. When you upgrade your technology this is the best way of getting the old technology out of your home.

Be Red Cross Ready is from the Grand Canyon Chapter of the American Red Cross (the chapter that handles all of Arizona). This is one of the spots to start from when you are looking to get your emergency preparedness in order. The other is the Emergency Preparedness & Response site for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Enterprising Ideas is from the NOW on PBS show. This is a feature of episodes of the show highlighting how people are creating new and innovative ways to solve some of the problems in our country and our world.

Along with that comes the sites Just Price Solutions and R-Homeownership. These are both from the same non profit organization. Just Price Solutions is for institutions and organizations looking to assist the housing situation here in the U.S. R-Homeownership is the web site for individuals and families who need help with buying or re-financing their homes.

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board is the official board for rating the video games. If you are purchasing video games for children and have a question about the content of a particular game, you can go to this web site and read the findings in more detail concerning the content of the video game you have in mind.

Iraq Star Foundation and Community of Veterans are non profit sites devoted to help meet the needs of veterans and to provide civilians the opportunity to provide help for the veterans in ways that will produce the most impact on their lives.

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