Monday, October 6, 2008

Thursday, October 9th

For those of my friends who live and vote in Arizona, be sure to watch Horizon this Thursday evening from 7pm to 8pm on Channel 8 PBS.

It will be a special 1 hour program covering the pro and cons of all of the propositions on our upcoming ballot on November 4th.

For more information, please check out their web site:


WarriorFlower said...

You are totally politically active. I think that's fab. How's life going in the Land of the Sun?

Dawn Bushman said...

Very, very busy. I'm so sorry I haven't been talking to you (well, everyone unless I work with them or they live with my Mom).

We had our Trunk or Treat for the kids at school last night, hopefully I can get the pics from that up on my blog soon. Tuesday night we have Technology Night, which will pretty much do me in.

I've had bronchitis for over a month now, but I'm now finally on a new inhaler that seems to be working much better than the other two I was on before.

Take care, I love you!