Saturday, August 16, 2008

Put Thine House In Order

Last night, on Bill Moyers Journal, there was an interview with author Andrew Bacevich. Haven't heard of him? Neither had I, but I'm glad I heard what he had to say. The only problem: the mainstream media will never promote his book, or have him interview on the air. Perhaps we could share this information with our friends?

Here's the link:

This is the tough talk we need in Washington, D.C., unfortunately it will rattle too many feathers so the only place you will hear about it is on public television.


CJ said...

You should put yourself in a position to be a political commentator. I'm serious, I think that you would give people, that is free thinking people, a chaw to chew on. If you got involved, the nation would not be listening to the preachings of the church of Oprah and voting her way. I mean really, is this a democracy or a book club? HeeHee. :)

Dawn Bushman said...

Thank you. Unfortunately PBS is probably the only place that would allow me to be a commentator, as CNN is pro Democrat, Fox News is pro Republican, and everyone else is chasing around Obama like he's some kind of rock star. He doesn't need a campaign, he needs a fan club. :)

McCain is starting to gain momentum, however his policies are flawed and the promises he's making regarding taxes will never fly if he's elected.

Plus the fact that his lobbyist staffers were too busy with their "other" jobs to notice the Arizonan who was actually handing McCain a way to ride in on a white horse and save the day for people affected by Hurricane Katrina. No white horse, just white lies from his staff.

Right now the candidates are "neck and neck" at 44%. That only makes 88% of the vote total, so where are the other 12% and whom are they voting for? Why are their candidates not being heard?